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Your Shop's Sellability Score

Your Sellability Score will consist of two parts:

Part A: Your Overall Sellability Score, which ranks your business among all other businesses
   (If you haven't read all about it in the Sep/Oct 2014 issue of Shop Owner magazine, here's a direct link to the article: Shop Owner Sep/Oct 2014)
Part B: Your Aftermarket Sellability Score, which evaluates the sellability of your business compared to other automotive service businesses

Follow these steps to receive your complete score:

Part A: Your Overall Sellability Score            Part B: Your Aftermarket Sellability Score

Step 1:
Get started by

 answering the

  first questionnaire

        Step 2:
      Instantly get 
       your score


         Step 3:

Continue by
answering the
aftermarket questionnaire

  Step 4:
  Receive your

custom reports       

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