Your Shop's Sellability Score

When you spend a lifetime trying to build a successful business, it leaves little time for much else, including thinking about an exit plan. Whether you are creating an exit plan for the short term or years into the future, it’s never too late or too soon to start understanding — and increasing — the value of your business.

“Sellability” is a powerful indicator of that value— regardless of whether or not you have any intention or interest in selling your business today — because it points directly to the underlying issues in your business that may undermine the value. Those same issues are probably causing mounting frustration for you — the feelings of being overwhelmed, working too many hours, dealing with inconsistent customer experiences, and the difficulties of managing cash flow.

Can You Answer These Questions?

Whatever your personal and financial goals are for your business, as a responsible business owner, you simply have to be able to answer these questions:

  • If you wanted to, could you sell your business today for a number you would be happy with?
  • Is there anything that you could be doing each day to make your business more valuable?
  • What steps can you take to reduce the number of hours that you work, while simultaneously boosting the profits and the sellability of your business?

Free and Easy

The “Tire and Auto Service Sellability Score” can assist you in answering these questions. My customized on-line questionnaire is available for free. It’s easy-to-use and takes only about 15 minutes to complete.

I have designed it to drill down deep to rank the sellability of your business specifically within the tire and auto service industry. If there is any question of the need to drill down as deeply as possible when establishing your own shop’s Sellability Score, there is one thing you can count on – 100% of potential buyers of your business will drill down as deeply as possible before deciding whether or not to place an offer.

A Big Benefit

The Sellability Score questionnaire is reflective of the types of questions that will be asked by prospective buyers, should you ever elect to put your business on the market. Your answers to the questions, combined with a review of your business financials, will be used by buyers to determine their level of motivation to purchase your business and the offer price that they will submit. Some of your answers may point directly to the underlying issues in your business which undermine its value. The benefit of going through the Sellability Score process is the clear recognition of the issues that can be corrected with an action plan and thereby maximize your sale price.

What's Next?

Upon receipt of your questionnaire answers, I will schedule a confidential phone conference with you and provide an assessment of the Sellability of your business and specific action steps that can be taken to improve the desirability and value of your business. There is no charge or further obligation for this consultation.

Once you have your Sellability Score and confidential consultation, you can…

  • Do nothing — your curiosity about the Sellability Score for your service business has been satisfied. I promise you that no one will bug you to do anything further or spend any money.
  • Post your Sellability Score on your office wall as a daily reminder of the drivers that determine sellability and the concrete actions that you can take on a daily basis to work fewer hours and raise your score and the value of your business when the time comes to sell.
  • Take the next steps to obtain a no-cost, no-obligation broker’s opinion on the most likely selling price of your business, so you can decide if now is the time to sell. If not, then at least you have learned about the concrete actions that you can take to increase the sellability and value of your business.