Art Blumenthal Launches New Aftermarket-Specific Business Brokerage Firm

Malvern, PA…August 23, 2010…Tire and automotive aftermarket industry veteran Art Blumenthal has announced the launch of a new aftermarket-specific nationwide business brokerage firm bearing his name.

Leveraging over thirty years of experience as both an aftermarket business owner and aftermarket technology executive, Art Blumenthal LLC provides business intermediary and advisory services to both buyers and sellers of single and multi-location businesses, including retail tire and auto service dealers, commercial dealers, and wholesale tire/parts operations.

Mr. Blumenthal will not only act as a business intermediary to bring buyers and sellers together, but will also provide consultative services and exit planning strategies to business owners who might be considering selling in the next one to five years. Spending time now on a preliminary valuation, profitability improvements, and exit strategy can pay enormous dividends later by maximizing selling price and minimizing potential tax burden.

More so now than ever, critical keys to selling a business in challenging economic times include a professional valuation to determine the appropriate listing price and creation of an essential, comprehensive marketing plan to attract qualified buyers.

By focusing specifically on the automotive aftermarket, Mr. Blumenthal has the ability to build an extensive nationwide database of potential buyers, both chain enterprises seeking to expand and consolidate in key markets, as well as financially qualified entrepreneurs, whether experienced or in a first-time role.

Mr. Blumenthal’s aftermarket career began as the CEO/Owner of four Midas Auto Center franchises and an independent tire/service dealership in Pennsylvania for over 12 years. Subsequently, he acquired and became CEO and majority owner of Anderson BDG Corporation, a software technology company for aftermarket chains, franchises, and independents, where he led the growth of the company from a mere 40 installations in 1988 to over 2,400 customer locations by 2001. He sold the software business in 2001 and remained as VP – Business Development and Marketing. The company, now called Aftersoft Network NA, Inc. a subsidiary of Aftersoft Group, Inc., continues to be a leading provider of business management and eCommerce software to tire and automotive services chains, including retailers, commercial dealerships, and wholesale tire/parts distributors.

“Seeing a critical industry need and filling it with expertise and integrity has been the hallmark of my career,” noted Mr. Blumenthal. “Now, by leveraging the experience, in-depth knowledge, and extensive contact network I’ve achieved in over thirty years in the tire and automotive aftermarket industry, the timing is right to establish a nationwide aftermarket-specific business brokerage venture bringing value-added benefits to both buyers and sellers in our unique industry.”

He continued, “Aftermarket franchises, dealer networks, and buying groups have unique needs, all of which I can address. Long-time dealers wish to exit with a maximized payday, while new energized buyers are necessary to keep the national organization growing and prospering. By deploying my services as a business intermediary, confidentiality is respected and the owner is guided step-by-step through the selling process. My aftermarket industry colleagues are invited to contact me to explore potential business intermediary and advisory service relationships.”

Art Blumenthal earned his MBA from Rutgers University in 1976 and has completed the prerequisite brokerage business courses to become an affiliate broker of BBN (Business Brokers NetworkSM), America’s largest network of over 450 affiliate business brokers, as well as training and membership in IBBA (International Business Brokers Association, Inc.).

About Art Blumenthal LLC
Established in 2010 and leveraging over thirty years of experience as both an aftermarket business owner and aftermarket technology executive, Art Blumenthal LLC provides business intermediary and advisory services to both buyers and sellers of industry businesses of all sizes.

Mr. Blumenthal is a member of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), representing a network affiliation of 2,000 business brokers in all 50 states, which leverages and strengthens nationwide reach. He is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), having completed IBBA’s rigorous educational, testing, and experience requirements to become accredited.

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