Business Succession Planning Webinar

Business Succession Planning
for Aftermarket Shop Owners

This Webinar is a 2-hour virtual event that will be held every other month for a limited audience. By limiting the number of attendees, everyone will have the opportunity to interact with other attendees and myself.


  • Why Plan?
  • When to Plan
  • What are the options for transitioning my business?
  • 10 success factors to maximize your business sale price
    1. How to prepare and package your business to show off its strengths to prospective buyers
    2. How to properly price the business to attract buyers but not leave money on the table
    3. How to determine the perfect time to sell
    4. How to leverage the professionals on your team and best use their expertise
    5. How to maintain confidentiality
    6. How to use your limited interaction with the buyer to your benefit
    7. How to filter out tire kickers so you don’t waste time with unqualified buyer prospects
    8. How to keep your foot on the gas to maintain sales and profits up to and during the transition process
    9. How to be open to creative financing ideas
    10. How to be flexible and negotiate with an open mind


The Webinar is a 2-hour virtual event held every other month...

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Who Should Attend

The Webinar is designed specifically for tire and automotive service shop owners...both independent owners and franchisees of national or regional chains.

Each attendee will have the choice of either attending anonymously or being identified to the group. You will have the option to ask questions or make comments, while keeping your identity confidential if desired.

Cost per Attendee

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