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Thinking of Selling Your Business in 2020? What You Must Do NOW…

Joe has owned a successful tire business in suburban Boston for 31 years and has decided it’s time to seriously consider selling and retiring. Joe’s sales are up, the economy is booming, bank loan interest rates are dropping, and there is a whole new generation of potential entrepreneurial buyers. He’s tired and burnt out and…

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Understanding Confidentiality

It’s important to understand the various aspects of confidentiality when it comes to selling a business. This can involve understanding what to disclose and when, and the legal obligations that need to be met by business sellers. Knowing what to disclose and when Knowing what to disclose and when can have a significant impact on the…

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6 Reasons Shop Owners Need a Transition Plan

February 26, 2019… Why do shop owners need a transition plan? Below are six core reasons. 1. Transitioning out of a business likely is the most important financial transaction of a shop owner’s life. 2. Transitioning out of a business is complex. 3. The financial security of a shop owner and his or her family depends on the creation…

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3-Week Shutdown Reprieve Opens Door to SBA/Bank Financing for Shop Owners

Malvern, PA…January 28, 2019… Art Blumenthal LLC, an automotive aftermarket-specific business broker, is utilizing the 3-week window created by the end of the federal government shutdown to expedite the closings of tire and auto service shops that have been stalled for the past month due to lack of loan guarantee processing of the Small Business…

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Precision Motors in Mystic, CT Transitions to Pep Boys

Mystic, CT…October 8, 2018…Precision Motors, an auto repair and tire center in Mystic, CT was recently sold and the location has converted to a Pep Boys Service and Tire Center. The highly profitable business, operating in a spacious 9,750 square foot facility, was family owned since 1995 by husband and wife owners Tom and Vickie…

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Maintaining Confidentiality Throughout the Sale Process

August 28, 2018… There are two key ingredients when it comes to selling a business: professionalism and confidentiality.  If either of these two ingredients are lacking, then you’ll most likely run into problems.  Sadly, many sellers see their deals fall apart due to a breach of confidentiality.  You certainly don’t want to be among their…

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Former Shop Owner Pleads: “No One Seems to Believe I Want to Finally Have the Time to Do NOTHING!”

Jan/Feb 2018 Issue

When interviewed shortly after the successful sale of his tire and auto service business, Steven Weber exhibited a combination of relief, pride and sheer happiness in the tone of his voice. Over the span of five years in which I worked with him and his wife, their emotions ran the gamut; from initially being nervous, fearful and feeling guilty about selling and leaving long-term employees with a new boss, to concern about how they would spend all their free time once a sale had been accomplished, to contentment and delight in being able to sleep-in for a change without stressing over business matters…

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Record-Setting Speed of Shop’s Sale Thrills Both Seller and Buyer

Sep/Oct 2017 Issue

When all the variables of a well-orchestrated sales cycle coincide perfectly, the happy ending is a fitting tribute to a seller’s long career — and a perfect beginning for a new owner.

I sometimes share case studies of the clients I have been able to assist in my role as an aftermarket business broker/consultant and provider of intermediary and advisory services. I do that when I think the story will
provide a reader in similar circumstances with new insights or helpful information. In the case of Green Valley, AZ-based Gasoline Alley…

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