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Off to a Great Start: January, 2020

More Buyers Than Sellers…

The high level of buyer interest in purchasing an automotive service business continues into the new year, as many Buyer candidates have made New Year’s resolutions to “Be Your Own Boss.” Bank/SBA loans remain available and interest rates have started to decline, with expectations that the Fed will keep rates lower in the coming months.

I am also hearing from shop owners who are increasingly frustrated with the challenges of hiring qualified technicians and have decided that 2020 is the year to cash in their chips. Many say that they want to start traveling and relaxing more, and have the extra time to partake of the good life. You are more likely to maximize your sale price in good economic times when there are multiple buyers bidding against one another to get your business under contract. Contact me for a FREE opinion on the Most Likely Selling Price of your business.

New Listings Coming Soon…

Coming on the market soon are two import auto repairs specialists in Alameda County. One has sales of $527,000 and an Asking Price of $170,000, with 30% down and the balance financed by the Seller. The other well-established business opportunity has sales of $1,053,000 and an Asking Price of $450,000.

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