Mastering Your Mindset: Strategic Approaches to Selling Your Business

At some point, the odds are exceptionally high that you’ll need to sell your business. Today, fewer businesses are being passed on to the next generation, increasing the likelihood that you will be selling yours eventually. Regardless of your business’ stage of life, the time to prepare for its eventual sale is now.

Many believe that the most effective approach to selling a business is to avoid adopting a purely “selling” mindset and instead aim to position the business to be purchased. Let’s take a look at a historical example. In Cary Reich’s 1996 book “The Life of Nelson Rockefeller”, an insightful anecdote illustrates this point. 

In negotiations over Rockefeller’s Mesabi iron ore properties with J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. astutely replied to Morgan’s team asking for a price with, “I think there must be some mistake. I did not come here to sell. I understand you wish to buy.” Despite Morgan eventually purchasing the properties, the price was set significantly higher.

The takeaway from the Morgan-Rockefeller interaction is that adopting a “player” mindset can be crucial in achieving success in negotiations and business deals. Never neglect to realize that your mindset going into a negotiation will likely influence its final outcome. 

One of the first realities any seller must acknowledge is that selling a business can be emotionally draining. The process demands significant time and thought, and many business owners inadvertently harm the value of their business by neglecting day-to-day operations during the sales process. 

It’s advisable to delegate the heavy lifting of selling your business to experts. Most business owners have never sold a business before, and even if they have, they likely lack expertise in this specialized field. When striving for optimal results in any endeavor, seeking the expertise of professionals is always beneficial. A business broker or M&A advisor, for instance, can manage every aspect of the sale—from evaluating offers and structuring deals to vetting serious buyers.

As a business owner, your primary focus should remain on running your business successfully until the day it is sold. This approach ensures that your business maintains its value and appeal to potential buyers throughout the sales process.

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