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Case Study: Selling a Multi-Site Auto Service Enterprise Utilizing the Services of a Broker

Sep/Oct 2013 Issue

“Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but sometimes the reverse is true and a packaged deal will yield less than the individual shops sold separately…”
…Terry Flaherty, seller of 4-shop enterprise
“I’m now a firm believer, as I was 30 years ago and will always be, in being prepared for success. In this business, if you can do that, I think there is good money…”
…Paul Davidson, buyer of one of the shops

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Case Study: Buying & Selling an Automotive Service Business

A Look at the Perspectives of Both Buyer & Seller When a Prominent Auto Service Center in North Providence, RI, Changes Hands

May/Jun 2013 Issue

“After thinking I should be doing a nationwide search to find the right buyer for my business, it took my broker Art Blumenthal to find the perfect candidate from my own hometown!”
–Jim Torres, Seller
“For a first time buyer, having a broker involved is definitely a plus. There’s an amazing amount of legwork involved to get the deal done and you need a guide.”
–Joe Cunha, Buyer

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Selling an Independent Auto Service Business — An ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ for Both the Buyer and the Seller

Nov/Dec 2012 Issue

“Am I supposed to just keep working until I drop dead?” is a question many Baby Boomer generation business owners may ask themselves sooner or later. Jim Hermansader, a veteran of the automotive service industry who had spent 43 years, since he was 18 years old and fresh out of high school, in a family-owned business, had to ask the question out loud when he received some pushback from those who challenged his decision that it was time for his business to change hands…

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